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Infinity Downline Review - What You Have to know Before You Join

Infinity Downline is a new company opportunity that pre-launched in mid February 2009 and it was officially launched March 1, 2009 by Peter Wolfing. Peter Wolfing who owns Infinity Downline is an extremely experience marketer, lead broker and creator of several other successful online programs with thousands of members and still actively operates these today.infinity 2 global review


Infinity Downline is Peter's newest addition for his portfolio and it was built to help anyone looking to earn money online start generating sales immediately, by having an affordable price point that interests everyone. For only $25 you are able to start your own global online business, receive audio and video training without any fees each month and have 100% net pay on your own 1st sale. i2g review

ProductsThe manufacturer product line contain hundreds of premium audios and videos with expert ways to place your web site on auto pilot. Also you will become familiar with online and offline marketing and computer skills through this education. You will gain usage of an ever increasing library of audios and videos totaling inside the countless hours. All members can connect to the products just by clicking and watching or listening.

Compensation Plan

The pay plan is extremely unique and possesses built-in downline builder to create leverage for every member. This pay plan is called a reverse 2 Up System. You continue your 1st, 3rd, and 5th sale to infinity made using your website. The next and 4th referrals of every member rollup for their sponsor and that is the location where the leverage is done. There's a very detailed video on the pay plan around the Infinity Downline website for any visual presentation as well.